HackerRank SQL Preparation: Japanese Cities' Attributes(MySQL)

HackerRank SQL Preparation: Japanese Cities' Attributes(MySQL)

Problem Statement:Query all attributes of every Japanese city in the CITY table. The COUNTRYCODE for Japan is JPN.

Link: HackerRank - Japanese Cities Attributes




  • SELECT *: The asterisk (*) is a wildcard character in SQL that means "all columns." This part of the query specifies that you want to retrieve all columns from the table.
  • FROM CITY: Indicates that you are selecting data from the CITY table.
  • WHERE COUNTRYCODE = 'JPN': This condition filters the rows to include only the cities where the COUNTRYCODE is 'JPN' (Japan).

This query will return all the columns for every row in the CITY table where the COUNTRYCODE is 'JPN'. It's useful when you need to retrieve all details about every city in Japan.

By running this query, you can see the complete dataset of Japanese cities stored in the CITY table, including information such as city names, populations, districts, and other relevant attributes.