Bandit Level 20 → Level 21

Bandit Level 20 → Level 21


Welcome back tothe OverTheWire Bandit challenges. In this level, we encounter a scenario involving networking and data transfer.

Previous Flag

Before we delve into the current challenge, let's input the flag from the previous level:




The provided command involves using Netcat (nc) to transfer the contents of the /etc/bandit_pass/bandit20 file over a network connection. Let's break it down:

cat /etc/bandit_pass/bandit20 | nc -lvp 1234 &

This command reads the password from the file and sends it over a network connection. The nc -lvp 1234 part sets up a Netcat listener on port 1234, waiting to receive the data.

Connecting with suconnect

Now, let's use the ./suconnect command to establish a connection and retrieve the password:

./suconnect 1234

This command initiates a connection to the Netcat listener on port 1234, allowing us to receive the contents of the password file.

Flag Unveiled

Upon successful execution, the password for Bandit level 21 should be displayed, providing us with the key to the next stage: