Bandit Level 18→ Level 19

Bandit Level 18→ Level 19


In this level, we'll learn about SSH connections, command execution, and file retrieval.

Before we dive into this level, let's review the flag we obtained in the previous challenge:


Step 1: SSH into the Server

Our first step is to SSH into the server. We'll use the following command to do so:

ssh -p 2220 -t '/bin/sh'

This command connects us to the server, and we execute a shell to interact with it.

Step 2: Retrieve the Readme File

Once we've accessed the server, we need to retrieve the "readme" file. You can do this by executing:

cat readme

This command will display the content of the "readme" file and the flag for the next level.

Flag: awhqfNnAbc1naukrpqDYcF95h7HoMTrC