Bandit Level 15→ Level 16

Bandit Level 15→ Level 16


Welcome to another level of the OverTheWire Bandit challenges! In this level, we will continue our journey to enhance our Linux and ethical hacking skills.

Previous Flag

In the previous challenge, we successfully retrieved the flag:

Flag: jN2kgmIXJ6fShzhT2avhotn4Zcka6tnt

Scanning for Open Ports

We will use thenmap command to scan for open ports on the local machine.

nmap -p 30001 localhost

The output should indicate that port 30001 is open and that there is an openSSL service running on it.

Establishing an SSL Connection

With port 30001 identified as an open port, let's establish an SSL connection using the openssl command:

openssl s_client localhost:30001

This command initiates an SSL/TLS session and displays the flag for the next level.

Flag: JQttfApK4SeyHwDlI9SXGR50qclOAil1