Bandit Level 13 → Level 14

Bandit Level 13 → Level 14


Greetings, We're back with another step in the Bandit wargame journey. Level 13 introduces us to Secure Shell (SSH) and the concept of privilege escalation. Let's dive right into the details.

Starting Point

Before we proceed, have the password from Level 12 handy: wbWdlBxEir4CaE8LaPhauuOo6pwRmrDw.


SSH Access with a Private Key: This time, you're using a private SSH key named sshkey.private. Let's get in:

ssh -i sshkey.private bandit14@localhost -p 2220

This command establishes a secure connection with the key and the provided username and port.

Retrieve the Flag: Once you're in, read the flag:

cat /etc/bandit_pass/bandit14

By doing so, you will get the password for the next level: